Mens Silver Striped Racing Motorcycle Jacket

  • Made from soft leather
  • Silver leather stripes across front, sleeves, and back
  • Reflective trim borders racing stripes
  • Full sleeve, quilted, zip-out liner
  • Zippered cuffs with velcro stays
  • Racing style collar with button snaps
  • Elastic gathering with button snaps on sides
  • Elastic gathering behind shoulders
  • 2 air vents on back with zippered closure
  • 2 air vents on front with zippered closure
  • 2 velcro waist pockets
  • 2 inside pockets with button snap closures
  • This product once had a patch on the sleeve that has been removed
  • Small visible holes are on the upper sleeve near shoulder on one side
  • Closeout Item
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Inspired by the speed and beauty of incredible racing machines, Dream Apparel has designed a jacket that goes perfectly with both.Our racing jackets are made from genuine soft leather and feature two silver leather stripes across the front, sleeves, and back with reflective trim to increase your visability at night. Experience unprecetended comfort and style by a full sleeve, quilted, zip-out liner, zippered cuffs with velcro stays, a racing style collar with button snaps, elastic gathering with button snaps on the sides, and elastic gathering behind the shoulders. You won't overheat with two air vents on the front and two on the back and with two velcro waist pockets and two inside pockets with button snaps you can bring anything along for your ride.
Product Weight 4.97 LB