Mens Reversible Leather Motorcycle Jacket

  • Reversible lightweight leather and textile jacket
  • Orange and white stripes on chest, back, and shoulders with reflective trim on leather side, two white stripes run down sleeves on textile side
  • Racing style collar with button-snap and white accent around neck
  • Side zippers with button-snaps for greater fit
  • Two large zippered waist pockets on both sides
  • Zippered Cuffs
  • Front zipper closure
As low as $129.99
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If you're a biker that cherishes the freedom to ride and lives for speed then our reversible leather and textile jacket is for you. This amazing jacket that lets you change your look on the fly features genuine black leather on one side with thin orange and white racing stripes on the chest, back, and shoulders bordered by a reflective trim and two thin white stripes that run down the sleeves on the black textile side. Both sides come with two large zippered waist pockets. Your comfort's guaranteed no matter which side you choose with the racing style collar with the button-snap and the padded white accent around the neck, side zippers with button-snaps for an even greater fit, zippered cuffs, and the zippered front closure. You get two amazing jackets for the price of one so order now because we won't have this item for long.
Product Weight 4.84 LB